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Born and raised in the South East of England, from a young age I was always interested in anatomy science, health, beauty and fitness.  Qualifying originally in Beauty Therapy & Reflexology in '98, I continued to advance my skills in massage therapy, taking my expertise to the hotels in London Spas, with many years spent working onboard luxury cruise ships, as well as teaching in England as a Lecturer in Massage & Holistic Therapies. 


Finding the love of travel in my twenties, I immigrated to Australia in 2005.  Continuing to follow my purpose to heal aching bodies, I upgraded my level of education to the Remedial Massage Diploma of Australia.  Massage with Ann opened its doors in March 2013, working along side highly skilled health professionals, gyms, sport recovery clinics and health food shop surroundings. 

Relocating my business back to South East England in November '22.

To ensure you receive the best possible treatment it is worth arriving a few minutes earlier prior to your appointment.

This allows time to complete a brief written consultation card if you're a first timer to Massage with Ann,


If you're a returning client, enabling us to catch up with your current needs and to recap on previous treatments.


Quite commonly 'deep tissue' is described as the technique of massage being applied.  However just as a side note, it's the 'soft tissue' that we are massaging!

I love to keep the options open with the carrier oil to massage with.  Sometimes it is luxurious to have a blend of shea butter melted in to an oil too.  I create my own blends using organic unrefined virgin coconut oil (by far my favourite), almond oil, hemp seed, grapeseed, paramao and jojoba also.  All these oils help to nourish your skin, improve it's strength and aid in reducing fine lines & wrinkles too, which is always a bonus!   


If you are allergic or have any issues with ingredients of any kind please ensure to let me know prior to treatment. 

Receiving a massage is recommended at least at a minimum of once a month but truly depends on your lifestyle & health conditions.  Movement is recommended daily!

It’s a feel good factor!

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